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Available Online

New Moon Manifestation Ceremony

Cord Cutting Ceremony Grounding Meditation & Energy Healing

  • 50 New Zealand dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

A New Moon Manifestation Ceremony is a powerful time to harness lunar energy and utilise it too rapidly manifest the things you want to into your life. The moon has different phases, and a new moon happens when the earth lines up with the sun, making the moon seem pretty much invisible to the human eye. There are 12 new moons a year, and each one lines up with a different astrological sign. A New Moon is the time set new intentions and goals and focus on the positive changes and desires that you want to receive in the physical 🙌🏽🧘🏽‍♀️👁💜 In this guided ceremony with Tiana she will take you through a grounding, healing and energy clearing, griding our energy and opening our connection up before we get into our manifestation ceremony. On a piece of paper we write down all the things you want to manifest into fruition, the months goals you want to achieve, if you want to attract abundance in all areas of your life, attract positivity, what ever comes to your mind write it down I will share some of the things I want to manifest to and give you guidance on how it all works 📝 🌑💜 Once you have written your new intentions down all together at the same time we burn our lists in our ceremonial bowls and if your inside open your window so the smoke is taken away with the wind up above where the messages are received by the universe to be answered and for us to receive 💙. I will teach you tools and new ways to attract positivity and abundance into your life. I will also introduce you to Archangel Michael he is a powerful Archangel of Protection and he will release any fear based energy’s from you that is stopping you from receiving what you truely deserve and as you do this you are transmuting this energy to allow only positive energy to flow into space and surroundings , you are preventing blockages from effecting the flow of your manifestations, when you do this and it is a powerful tool to use throughout life, learning how to transmute negative energy into positive energy and how to make room for your blessings to come in 💜 Manifesting is truely amazing, I will teach you all the knowledge I can in the hour of manifestation power! Its time to focus on what you want and realise you have the power to create the life you want! this is what we will go through together, shifting paradigms so we can make room for abundance and positivity for 2022 and the future! Duration: 2-3 Hours

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Cancelation Policy

Please ensure you send a few face shot photos through the day before your reading where I can clearly see into your eyes and your eye colour with no filters and your full name. Refund Policy The House of Healing NZ I believe that both of our time is valuable, in the event that you are late or do not show for your appointment NO refund will be given, however in some circumstances out of good will I may rebook you to do your reading again at no extra cost. When booking your Reading it takes time too find the correct date and time for your reading which involves me taking the time too message you back and forth when booking a reading please be aware of time zone differences and that In the case you wish to no longer proceed with your booking, only 50% of your booking will be refunded as per my booking fee.

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Amongst The Hills & The Native Bush Peria, New Zealand

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