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Long Distance Channeled Energy Healing

God & Jesus Christ Archangel Raphael Archangel Michael

  • 1 hour
  • 111.11 New Zealand dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

We all have Energy Centers also known as Chakras that are connected to glands in our physical body. To help balance, align & cleanse your energy centers/chakras, I will connect with God & Jesus Christ & my Healing Guides to assist me and channel the Energy Healing from The Divine Realms and My Ascended Masters to clear away inharmonious & stagnant energy from your mind, body, heart field, soul, aura & energetic field. Energy Healing, Clearing & Cleansing Is VERY Important. The seven main energy centers/chakras are centers of spiritual power or wheels of energy that flow through the body. They run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each energy center/chakra is associated with a color & has a physical & emotional aspect tied to it. When your chakras are aligned, balanced and cleansed, You feel clear, energized, grounded & centered.

Cancelation Policy

Please ensure you send a few face shot photos through the day before your reading where I can clearly see into your eyes and your eye colour with no filters and your full name. Refund Policy The House of Healing NZ I believe that both of our time is valuable, in the event that you are late or do not show for your appointment NO refund will be given, however in some circumstances out of good will I may rebook you to do your reading again at no extra cost. When booking your Reading it takes time too find the correct date and time for your reading which involves me taking the time too message you back and forth when booking a reading please be aware of time zone differences and that In the case you wish to no longer proceed with your booking, only 50% of your booking will be refunded as per my booking fee.

Contact Details

Amongst The Hills & The Native Bush Peria, New Zealand

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